Ted and the Toad

Date: 11th Jun 2014

Hi, Ted Here….

Summer’s here! How I love lying in the doorway in the sun whilst everyone has to clamber over me or squeeze past. How I love to catch flies and eat them (although I do make a mess of the windows in the process) and how I love going out on the boat on our lake. I did this yesterday with the lady human, although she insisted on rowing in stupid circles so she would get an even tan.  The frogs were croaking and hopping (they still had all their legs).  I am fascinated by the way their cheeks below in and out.  Oh and I love running along the edge of the banks and watching them jump in …plop…plop…plop!

Apparently they are nice to eat, well I tried one.  To be accurate it was a big fat toad, which I thought looked meatier and I kid you not, my mouth went all funny and I started spouting all this yellow foam out…yuk! I kept the humans awake all night licking my nose and shaking my head… that toad poisoned me! I am sticking to flies from now on.

Funny how the humans like to keep pictures of their pets and boy there are a lot of pets about the place these days.  I heard one of the humans suggesting there were good profits to be made from taking images of pets.  I bet my owner would have loved a picture of me foaming at the mouth after eating that toad.  Anyway here are a few ideas for showing off those images of Pets.

The brand new Eas-eee Block Frames from MTA are just perfect for any photo from 6" x 4" to 12" x 12" and so easy to put together even a dog could do it… well maybe not but you know what I mean.

I know some pet owners like lots of photos of their pets so why not encourage your clients to have them presented in a Photo Book.  Our hand stitched, hand finished A5 Photo Book with 24 sides start at just £22.49.  Order one in June and get 20% off when you use this voucher code: BM20DISCPGMV.

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