Catch the Moment with Ted

Date: 2nd Jul 2014

I have heard the humans talking about how important it is to “catch the moment”. Now I know the term has something to do with Photography but more than that I have no idea. Presumably it has to do with speed of thought, mind and reaction?? In my usual attempt to please the humans I thought I would help them by catching a few flies using my own speed of thought, mind and reaction.

How unfortunate then that jumping onto the bed to dispatch a large bluebottle a stray paw caught the male human on the face which brought his nights sleep to a rather abrupt end… Hey! we all make mistakes… and I did catch that pesky fly… Anyway I bet when he tried in the past to “Catch the moment” with his camera thing that he made a few photographic errors… so why all the fuss? Anyway not such a big cut and it should heal fairly quickly.

These humans do have a quite a thing about their photography and apart from their obsession to take great photos and a passion to display them in photo frames, photo mounts, folders and of course photo albums, they also like to share a few tips on photography with their friends.

For example Jim Harmer from Improve Photography suggests 6 tips for Photography Composition:


To find out more the full article can be found on ImprovePhotography.


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