Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are a great way to display and store cherished photographs from not only the wedding day but the build up to it as well.

Along with wedding photography, wedding albums have changed greatly over the years with the style of wedding albums due to developments in both fashion and technology.

Whilst wedding photography has been around since the 1840’s it was not until the 1950’s that actual wedding photography was undertaken on the day rather than just posed shots normally taken after the event. This increase in the number of photographs meant that a wedding album was the perfect way to display and store the memories they created.

Wedding photography at this time and until the late 1970‘s was based around set bride and groom along with family poses. The wedding albums were a simple form of binder with a cover often depicting the name of the bride and groom. These traditional wedding albums are still used today, although many are available in modern colours and styles. In fact some of the favourites from the 60’s and 70’s are featuring in retro wedding album collections and are being combined with the rise in vintage photography.

Changing tastes and style however has meant that contemporary wedding albums and digital wedding albums now give the bride and groom a much wider choice of wedding albums. Professional photographers have embraced these changes and have even taken a step further by often only offering a CD of the wedding photographs and leaving the choice of wedding album if one is chosen at all up to the bride and groom. This use of CD Folios has meant that many commentators believe the wedding album market is in terminal decline but whilst it may decline it will survive but like much in this digital age it will change and evolve.

Manufacturers have looked at new ways of delivering stylish contemporary wedding albums with Mario Acerboni producing the Bluma Range which uses stunning colours around the edges of the pages and the aperture on the front cover. Jorgensen have also produced a the Studio Brag and Studio E range of repositionable wedding albums. Advances in adhesive technology has enabled manufacturers to develop repositionable wedding albums which allow photographs to be removed and replaced. This type of wedding album is cost effective and whilst it they can be used as main albums are often the perfect solution for parents albums and friends albums. Other manufacturers who are rising to the challenge include Butterwick Wells, Blighty BooksCoral Coast & Positiv.

Digital wedding albums are flush mount wedding albums that first came to prominence via Graphi Studio in 1997 and they have developed since with many suppliers entering the wedding albums market. These digital wedding albums are often referred to as wedding books or coffee table books as they make a strong statement when left on display in the home rather than being tucked away to be looked at occasionally.

Wedding albums have been a major contributor to the professional photographers income as they have been included in wedding packages with the more expensive wedding album being the one that often justifies the top package. Changes in purchasing by brides has resulted in changes CD Folios and DVD Folios have stolen a lot of the market but as with all change there is always a place for the special and wedding albums will survive and the manufacturers that win will be those that embrace the change. Photogether is committed to showcasing these manufacturers so contact us if you want to promote your wedding albums.