Quick Start Guide Photo Books

After downloading and installing the software, open the program and click 'Create a New Project' to begin using.  Select the product required from the list and click <Next>.

The software, by default will auto-fill the photo book with the images.  Select the folder where your images are stored or add individual images before pressing <Next>.  If you prefer to take total control over image placement in your photo book click <Skip Wizard> to place each image on the pages yourself.

Select the number of pages for your photo book. This can be adjusted later if required.  When <Skip Wizard> is used the number of pages defaults depending on the size of the photo book.

Enter a name for your project and you are ready to begin your design.

Screen Layout
Screen is displayed in sections:

Left Pictures to load into book
Top Page Preview panel
Right Inspector Pallet
Bottom Library of predefined page layouts, masks and backgrounds
Centre Editor with toolbar

Get Started

Photographs, page layouts, masks, and backgrounds can all be placed using drag & drop.  Click on the image, drag on to the page in the central edit area and drop in place.  Replace the current picture, page layout, mask or background by simply dropping the required one over the top.

Picture Editor

Single click and use the Inspector Pallet to edit the image
Double click the image to define the area required using drag & drop
Right click to align images or change arrangement on page

After making changes to the image size the picture maybe cropped.  This is easily fixed by double clicking the image and redefining the area with the drage and drop facility.

Inches or millimetres?

Select File then Preferences from the menu bar. In the measurements box select required format and click OK.

Save your own page style design to reuse

Click the button on the bar to the far right of the Page Style tab and select option to save page or spread as a page style. To use, click on your page style and drag onto the page.

Add pages
Click Pages from the menu and then select:

Insert to insert double page spread before the current spread
Duplicate to insert a duplicate of the current double page spread
Add to insert a double page spread at the end of the book