FAQs Photo Books

Please click here to view the Quick Start Guide for the photo books design software

What size or resolution should my images be?

Ideally images should be 300dpi at actual size of print.

How do I rotate my images?

There are 2 options:  Before using in the book, right click on the image in the left hand panel amd select 'rotate'.  After the image is placed in the document rotate using the orientation tool in the inspector pallet on the right.

After rotating my picture, the image resizes. How do I fix this?

Open the picture box by double clicking the image and select the area to display by drag & drop.

How do I edit, scale and crop an image after placing into a picture box?

Single click the image then drag & drop to required size or use inspector panel on the right.
Double click on the image to open the image box editor and define area required by drag & drop.
Right click to align image on page.

Can I cut and paste text from other packages into Aperture?

Yes you can. Use Ctrl-C or Apple-C to copy the text. In the Aperture Books software open a text box then double click it to open the Edit Text box and paste your text using Ctrl-V or Apple-V.

Can I select my own image as a background?

Add your own image to the background tab using the '+' button on the right of the tab.
Alternatively, drag & drop your image onto the page, right click and select fit to page or fit to spread and send to back if required.  The opacitiy can be changed using the inspector.

What happens if I get warning triangles with the 'low quality message'?

If you have images from a mobile phone or a low Megapixel (2 Megapixel for example) camera then the finished print quality will only be as good as the image provided.

When trying to order my book, calendar or diary the software is telling me that I have empty text boxes, what does this mean?

These products have been designed with a large number of text boxes where you can type your comments, memorable dates etc. If these boxes are left empty the software recognises this and is reporting it to you in the ordering process. This is a message to let you know there are empty text boxes.  It will not stop you from ordering.

What is the standard turnaround for orders?

5-7 working days ( i.e. excluding weekends)

What do I do when I am informed of updates?

Check the updates and you choose whether to update the software. If you select any of the boxes available to update then select the start button your software will start the update process.

How can I ensure that the colours will be as close as possible to what I can see on screen?

There are several things you can do to ease your mind when it comes to colour fidelity. Check out our pdf guide here.