Security Devices

Security devices such as security cameras and tracking devices are vitally important to the photographer as equipment is expensive and based on the nature of the average photo shoot cameras, lights, laptops etc. are susceptible to theft or are often likely to be misplaced or moved by well meaning clients.

Security cameras from Photogether are designed to work within the photographers working environment, they are small easy to use and install and can be accessed from a wide variety of devices including mobiles. Ideal for the studio they can also be used on location to help keep an eye on equipment that cannot be left in view.

Tracking devices are all small and are easily concealed within cases, camera bags, laptop bags, rucksacks etc. allowing misplaced or stolen items to be traced and recovered.

All items are incredibly reasonably priced for the peace of mind and security they deliver and the money they save in lost time when something does go missing and the reductions that can be negotiated in insurance premiums by having them.


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