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Making Money from Photography

written by on January 27th, 2016 and filed in Business Ideas, Latest News

There are plenty of photography courses, articles and documents out there on the internet with plenty of advice for the experienced and the not so experienced would be professional photographers. All good and important information but I do find that the one area that does not receive much of a mention is probably the easiest and most cost efficient way to help your business make money…. What is it? Image presentation. Standard advice says the way an image is presented makes a huge difference – be it a frame, album or photo mount.

The range of image presentation products available offers a variety of solutions to help your imagery stand out from the crowd. The focus of this article is Mounts and Folders, helping you to raise the value of your photography and obtain more repeat business.

We believe that even a basic white cut corner folder costing less than 15p raises the perception and therefore value that your client has of your image.

Mounts and Folders come in five different styles:

  1. Slip in Mounts – easy to use and as their name implies all you need to do is slip the photo into the photo mount. Available in a wide range of board grades and colours, with and without foil blocking.
  2. Stick on Mounts – not difficult to assemble these stylish and elegant mounts require double sided tape to attach the photograph.
  3. Cut Corner Folders – an economical solution to image presentation.
  4. Strut Mounts – these slip in mounts have an integrated strut on the back which allows portrait or landscape orientation.
  5. Christmas & Occasion mounts – specialised mounts and folders featuring seasonal blocking.

Each style offers the photographer the opportunity to enhance the presentation of their images. Most mounts and folders can be personalized enabling you to offer your clients the opportunity to add details of a specific event or yourself to include your details as supplier of the photograph. And all this can be done on line.

Why bother? Well the evidence shows that when your client shows off the photo to their friends and family not only can they see that the image is linked to a recent event but also (if you have your logo on the mount) who the photographer was who took the image. This has just got to be the cheapest and best advertising for any photographer.

Personalisation can be subtle. Foil blocking your website address or your name and telephone number on the back of the mount. Selecting black foil blocking on a black mount keeps your name in the background but it is still there and gets your name out there directly showing off your work.

Check out the wide range on offer from Photogether and if you need something a bit out of the ordinary contact brian@photogether.co.uk for a quote.

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