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Grablet Your Tablet

Grablet have come up with a great solution to those tricky iPad handling situations. This multifunctional cover for your iPad is made from rubberised plastic.  Available in a range of rainbow colours the sleek and sexy design ensures all the buttons and ports remain accessible. Choose how you want to use your Grablet, carry it [...]



Photographic Backgrounds – Behind Your Great Images

Notes from a Photo Studio When photographers set up a studio they look to lighting, flash guns, backgrounds, lenses and a layout. They spend hours trawling the net and trade shows comparing prices, reviews and specs of each component part, often going for a one hit answer-all deal, which they soon find out doesn’t answer [...]



Making Money from Photography

There are plenty of photography courses, articles and documents out there on the internet with plenty of advice for the experienced and the not so experienced would be professional photographers. All good and important information but I do find that the one area that does not receive much of a mention is probably the easiest [...]



Photo Books

After months of searching Photogether have found the perfect photo books for the professional photographer. Aperture Books are all about quality and value for money.  Here are a few reasons why we have chosen to work with Aperture books: Easy to use software to design and order your photo books Correct paper weight for photobook [...]


iPowerUP Tote

More Power to Your iPhone

Extend the life of your iPhone. iPowerUP have created a range of advanced accessory mobile power products for consumers and business professionals. Ergonomic, slim, and shock-resistent  the multi-functional chargers double your battery life with options to extend the the use of your iPhone or Blackberry smartphone. iPower Tote provides multi‐charging capabilities to significantly extend the [...]


Hahnemühle Inkjet Papers

There are a wide range of inkjet papers available to the professional photographer. Knowing which one to choose is often a real problem. Photogether offer a wide selection of inkjet papers including Hahnemühle.

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